DTCYCH013 - English Governess Job with B9 and G13 in Moscow, £1300 per week

• Salary of £1300 per week
• 5/2 schedule; Monday and Friday off
• 1pm - 9pm on weekdays; full weekend days
• Live out in a nice fully-furnished accommodation close to the family`s home• Flights and work visa provided
• 1 year contract, 4 weeks trial period
• Travelling involved

B9 and G13 speak fluent English and as they go to a Russian school require constant English practice. They both are very bright children, natural thinkers, are fond of science, history, enjoy drama and music. The ideal candidate would be primary teacher qualified or teacher qualified with specialism in history or geography and good understanding of early learning of the additional language. Creative candidates with a degree in Drama are welcomed as well. It is important to keep the children interested in the subjects and encourage their curiosity about the subjects.


• BA/MA/PGCE in Primary or Secondary Education/Drama or similar

• Female UK candidates are in priority
• Private tutoring/Exam preparation experience is welcomed

• November 2019 start

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DTC042MG - English Governor/Tutor Job with B11 in Kazan`, Russia, £1500 per week

A high-profile family, our returning clients living in Kazan` city (1 hour flight from Moscow) is in need of an English Governor/Private Tutor to work with their 11 year old son

• Salary of £1500 per week
• 5 days on; Sundays and Monday s off
• 3 pm - 9 pm on weekdays; full day on Saturday
• Live out in a separate accommodation in the centre of Kazan• 1 year contract
• International travelling during school breaks

TERMS: B11 goes to an international school in Kazan so the Governor is required to work from 3 pm on school days and around 8-9 hours a day on the weekend. 24/7 while travelling. The boy is fluent in English so you will mainly be responsible for academic support as well as education and care provision, his social and emotional development. He needs a strong male role model, someone who can get him interested in sports, music or science or anything else. Calm disposition, experience with this age and in high-profile families is essential.

• BA/MA/PGCE Education or similar
• Experience with the age is a must
• Private tutoring or mentoring experience
• Checkable references
• ASAP availability

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DTC043YE - English Tutor/Governess Job with G12, B9 and G5 in Moscow, £1100+ per week

A highly recommended family in Moscow is in need of an English Governess/Tutor for their three children aged 12, 9 and 5.

• £1100+ per week
• 5/2 schedule, weekends off
• Live out in a modern fully furnished flat
• 1 year contract, 4 weeks trial period
• Flights and visa support provided

The family live just outside of Moscow, they are very warm and friendly. All the children are fluent in English so a Governess will be required to work on their general development and be focused on their academic needs. It is important to be able to build strong relationship with the children, encourage them and be a good role model. While G12 and B9 are at school you are required to be with G5, she is a very smart and active girl. There is a Russian nanny/governess helping around, so you will be working with each child individually.


• BA/MA Education, PGCE /QTS 
• Broad-minded, highly organized, flexible personality 

• Primary School teachingexperience is a must 

• December 2019start  

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A private family living just outside of Moscow (Barvikha luxury village) are in need of an English Nanny/Governess for their two children aged 3 and 7.

Salary of £1000 per week 
45 hour week
Mondays and Tuesdays off 
Live out in a separate accommodation (walking distance from the family`s place)
Minimum 1 year contract

Both children attend school full-time so working after school hours on weekdays and full days on the weekends. The children speak fluent English as they have had an English nanny before. The focus should be on a 7 year old girl, her writing and reading skills as well as overall development. The family is really friendly and nice, their previous nanny recommends them with pleasure.

English native speakers
Bachelor degree in Linguistics/Drama/Psychology/education
Knowledge of French is an advantage
Minimum 2 years private families experience
ASAP availability

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DTC041MF - English Governess Job in Moscow with B6, G8 and G11 in Moscow, £1200 per week

A highly recommended family based in Moscow are looking for an English Governess for their three children.

• Salary of £1200 per week
• 5 days on/2 days off
• Working hours 15:00 - 22:00
• Live out in a nice fully-furnished accommodation in Moscow

• 1 year contract
• Travelling involved

Two girls aged 8 and 11 and a younger boy aged 6 attend a private English-Russian school in Moscow region. They speak English, Russian, and Italian, they are very intelligent, highly educated, bright and curious children. The mother is very supportive and involved in their growth and education so she would like a top governess who is able to become a role model for them, knows child`s psychology well and can encourage the children to be self-independent, confident, responsible and respectful.


• BA/MA/PGCE in Psychology,Education Studies
• UK candidates are in priority
• Private tutoring or mentoring experience
• Checkable references
• ASAP availability

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Part-time French Tutor, centre of Moscow

Charges: twin B&Gaged 9

Location: centre of Moscow

Hours: 3hours a day 4-5 times a week (after school hours)

Pay: RUB 3500 per hour

The boy and girl aged 9 speak fluent French so you will need to work on their writing and grammar skills.

English Tutor, Moscow region

Charges: B9 and G12

Location: Zhukovka luxury village

Transfer from Molodyozhnaya metro station is provided

Hours: Saturday and Sunday for a few hours a day

Pay: RUB 4000 per hour

We are looking for a UK qualified Primary/Secondary School Teacher to tutor two children aged 9 and 12living in Zhukovka luxury village, Moscow region.

The job isonly for weekends, hours are negotiable from 2 to 4 hours a day.

Academic tutoring, exam preparations.