DARE TO CHILDCARE is an international recruitment agency, specializing in placing international career Nannies, Maternity Nurses, Governesses and Private Tutors with the high profile families in Russia.


We know how important it is to find that fine line when learning turns into an exciting, interesting yet safe process, when your child suddenly starts gaily chatting and singing songs in a foreign language and doing it with ease and pleasure. This is no miracle of course - it is the result of the work of a specially educated professional with an extensive experience in working with private families. We will be happy to offer you such nannies, governesses and private teachers. Our agency carefully selects Candidates, meeting with them personally in the UK, paying attention to all the details related to previous positions and verifying their recommendations. Having had a long history and successful experience in placing the highly qualified specialists in the field of childcare and early development, we carefully study the requirements of the Family and offer the most suitable Candidate. Special attention is paid to the personal qualities of the Candidate, we try to find a specialist with whom not only a child, but also parents will be as comfortable as possible.

We will select a specially trained nanny, specializing in working with babies from birth. She will help young parents to cope with the difficulties of the first year of the child's life or share her knowledge with experienced parents. The main goal of Maternity Nurses is to develop a sleeping and feeding routine, and set the key baby care rules.

Usually Maternity Nurses work 24 hours a day 5-6 days a week. Another schedule is possible in agreement with the Family.

Wages from £ 900 to £ 1500 per week.

If you want every day of your child to be filled with joy, new skills and amazing discoveries, all in a foreign language, you need a Nanny - a native speaker of a foreign language. All our Nannies have professional qualifications in childcare and early development as well as work experience in families. We will find the best Candidate for you, depending on your wishes and the age of the child / children.

 Nannies usually work 40-50 hours mostly 5 days a week, but, of course, the schedule is determined by the preferences of the Family.

Nanny can both live in and live out.

Nanny's salary averages £1,000 per week.

Experienced educator, who has higher qualifications in Early Childhood Education (also maybe in psychology, linguistics or pedagogy), who knows and uses different methods, approaches and techniques to make everyday activities in a foreign language fascinating and interesting. Your child (children) will not only be learning about the world, but also in a natural way  getting the knowledge about culture and habits of the country which the Governess came from. The Governess does not only teach foreign language, great attention is paid to developing creativity, etiquette skills, aesthetic and sports education. She will help to choose the right daily routine that will benefit the child’s way to success and balance the physical and mental activities.

 Nursery duties are not usually included.

Usually the Governess's schedule is 40-50 hours per week with two days off.

Governess lives out.

Salary starts from £1000-1200 GBP per week.

Highly qualified teacher, often with a certain specialization. Such a teacher will help your child (children) cope with general educational subjects and / or prepare for admission to a foreign educational institution. The schedule of the teacher's work is, as a rule, formed by classes several times a week with an hourly pay.


We believe that every child should have the best care and early education possible that is why we work with the best childcare professionals. We strive to find the best Family-Nanny match to ensure the happiness from both sides and the long term stability for children.

We conduct personal interviews with Candidates where it is possible, identifying their professional skills, working experience with children of different ages as well as personal preferences and hobbies and general competence;

We check qualifications, documents and recommendations of Candidates;

Our Candidates can register with us only if they have a valid CRB / Police Check.

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